Sell Your House In A Buyers' Market!

Real estate professionals say, that the most important factors to selling your house in a buyer’s market, are location, price, condition and flexibility.

As the supply of homes for sale continues to grow throughout the U.S, there are some ways sellers can increase the chance of a home sale in this shaky market. It certainly is not easy, but there are definitely steps you can take to make it easier by working with a Realtor and considering the following strategies that will help sell a house in a buyer’s market:

  • Price It Right. Set the price at what you can get, not what you think it is worth. The only thing that matters is what a buyer is willing to pay. Also, you should show some decline from the original offering price to keep the buyers intrigued.

  • Compare/ tour similar homes in your neighborhood to better understand the competition – look at every comparable home that is or was listed in your area over the past six months. What a home sold for 12 months ago, may not be a good estimate for today.

  • Do not count on open houses to sell home. The recent study shows that less than 5 percent of buyers find their home at an open house.

  • Staging your home and making a great first impression. Although not always necessary, staging can make a difference in how your house is viewed and compared to others, and also can result in selling your home faster and getting a higher price.

  • Get a pre-sale inspection as a selling advantage, especially if your home is older or in need of repairs. Include information about any repair work you have  completed since you bought the home. You will not get as much return for your improvements if you do not market them.

  • Target your marketing. Know what buyers in your area look for and emphasize your home’s appeal accordingly. This includes  everything from the description( whether you highlight transportation or parks, or restaurants and nightlife) and how you stage the home (whether the third bedroom becomes an office), to where you advertise the listing ( a newspaper in addition to online).

  • A neighbor “reference” list. Make a list of your best, most reliable neighbors so that buyers can reach out to get a better feel for the area, the locals and what makes the neighborhood a truly unique place to live.

  • Be Flexible. Buyers will expect to pay less than the asking price. Many buyers will make a low-ball offer to see what your reaction is. Emotion is the enemy of flexibility, so keep emotions out it. Don’t simply reject the buyer’s first offer. Instead, make a reasonable counteroffer and try to work with buyer to close the gap between their offer and the price you need to get for the house.

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